About Us

In 1999, Off Road Engineering began manufacturing specialty, automotive electronics.  As the company grew, ORE introduced several products engineered with the four-wheeling enthusiast in mind.

Most recently, ORE recognized the need for a customizable switch panel system which would allow vehicle operators to consolidate their accessory switches into one compact and versatile panel. With the anticipated impact this new product line would have in the marketplace, it seemed fitting for this exciting new venture to have its own branding.  Thus, Switch-Pros was introduced.

The Switch-Pros brand is committed to incorporating the latest technology into its products.  Watch us grow, as we add other new products intended for the tech savvy four-wheeler.


Limited Two Year Warranty

Off Road Engineering LLC offers a two year warranty against manufacturer’s defects on all products we manufacture, with the following exclusions:

  1.  Installation errors, abuse, misuse or damage resulting from a vehicle crash.
  2. Second or subsequent vehicle owners; you MUST be the original purchaser of the product, and supply acceptable proof of purchase.
  3. Off Road Engineering LLC provides no warranties on products that are not manufactured by ORE, including those which are installed, and used in tandem with our products.
  4. Defective products must be returned to ORE for evaluation and/or repair AT THE EXPENSE of the consumer. 
  5. If product is deemed defective, ORE shall repair or replace the product, at our discretion.  If a replacement is to be provided, it will be a similar product, or one of equal or greater value.
  6. If a product is returned for evaluation, and not deemed to have a defect, the consumer must pay for the freight to return the product in question, and fees applicable to the labor to investigate the undetectable defect(s).


All claims and disputes arising under or relating to the purchase, installation or use of our product, are to be settled by binding arbitration in the state of Calfiornia.  



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