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The Switch-Pros SP9100 is a compact, solid state switch panel power system, capable of flowing 125 amps of continuous power. With a total of eight circuits, four rated at 20 amps each and four rated at 35 amps each, you can power all types of 12 volt accessories. The touch panel is weather resistant, and measures only 2”x4”.  The panel includes a Bluetooth transmitter, which allows you to program AND operate your system from any wireless device.  Programming options include output Dimming, Strobing, Flashing, Master-Slave functions  Memory, Auto Power-Up, Momentary, Battery/Ignition input, and a multitude of other options.  RGB technology allows you to choose ANY backlighting color you desire.  The kit also includes 100 switch legend options, so you can customize the panel to your specific accessory set up  

The under-hood mounted power module is waterproof, and ideal for all applications. It is COMPLETELY SEALED, and rated to 125 degrees Celsius. It has  a 3”x6” footprint and comes with a fused power cable, and both harnesses which communicate with the touch panel. THERE IS NO BULKY RELAY BOX with our kit, as we utilize technology that allows us to control each circuit with a microprocessor.  No need to worry about over-current or over-temperature conditions  if your system sees a short, or one of these conditions, it shuts down and attempts to reset.  No fuse to replace and no worry of fire hazard  

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